Friday, August 20, 2010

And the winner is...DART DUDE!!!!

That's right! I won...

"Kevin Sharpe, an avid DART rider, won a luxury hotel stay at the Hotel Palomar in Dallas and dinner at Central 214. Sharpe's video can be viewed on YouTube at "

I knew my trip to Europe would pay off! So, I wonder who I should take on that dinner at Central 214??? hmmmm...

...more about the contest and the promotion...

The North Texas transit agencies' Stop Talking Out of Your Tailpipe contest was designed to promote transit use by inviting customers to share their reasons for riding. It was also an opportunity for employees to thank their employers for helping provide their ride and encourage others to ask their employer to offer Employer Transit Benefits programs.

The contest was part of a national effort to promote transit ridership and encourage support for expanded transit choices. Winning entries have been shared with other transit agencies around the country to help educate commuters and policymakers on the benefits of transit: job creation, helping the environment, energy conservation and improved quality of life.


  1. Congratulations! Full time carless commuter here in Dallas as well. I applaud your accomplishment.

  2. I watch the video and i think most of the viewers are like your post. We found lot of inspiration from here those helps us to learn more about this DART DUDE.