Sunday, May 23, 2010

See Sexy Suburbanites Slum It!

I'm a firm believer that if DART's going to go mainstream in Dallas -- where the Car is King -- it's got to get a lot sexier.

Found this vlog of some Suburan Sexies who decide to go on a wild and crazy adventure and slum it on the DART. FAIL!

You'll see for yourself how they're frightened back to Collin County where they're safe and secure. They make it back to their parents' McMansion and do what Suburbanites do board games!

Great kid who does some great work all over the Web and I'm sure I can learn a lot from him. I'll be happy to return the favor and show him a little bit of courage and independence if he ever decides to head south of the Bush Tollway again! I joke! I joke!

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