Thursday, February 18, 2010

Super Apple: An early tribute and a totally healthy hunger

Back in 2008, I vlogged my training for the White Rock Marathon in Dallas. The hunger pains you feel after an awesome work out can be a rewarding type of's like the truest form of hunger you feel that SIMPLE nurishment can fulfill. It's not cravings, it's not's totally healthy hunger.

So I'm analyzing my performance while chowing down on an apple. I had learned to "pack a snack" when running so I didn't run off to some fast food place to grab the first thing I see on the menu, or pull of the first packaged snack/junk food sitting on the shelf at a gas station (which I caught myself doing after every run.)

Eating that apple was the best reward you can give yourself! I don't give a shout out to Into The Wild until the very very end...after all the blah-blah-blah self discovery. Super Apple Indeed!

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